Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Calls Climate Change “Our WWII” – Warns The World Will End In 12 Years

As if AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) couldn’t get any dumber. She gave a speech at a Martin Luther King Day rally where she had this to say:

“The world will end in 12 years if we do not address climate change.” Cortez is starting to sound more like the doomsday profit Nostradamus. She also directly followed up that mind numbing statement by saying, “this is our World War Two.” She then went on to directly attribute 3,000 American deaths directly to climate change. Like climate change chased these people down and murdered them.

At the end of her speech she then somehow ties climate change and the flaws in our criminal justice system together and says that if we all work together we can fix it. Typical leftist socialist dribble.

It’s amazing to me that leftist like AOC can think that climate change, this massive boogie man created so that the left can push for higher taxes. Is such a drastic threat to American life, even though studies prove otherwise. Yet she refuses to see the reality that thousands of people are dying both inside and outside of our borders as a result of the illegal immigration crisis. Which is a very real and tangible problem.

I think she is an absolute nutcase who shouldn’t be an elected official anywhere let alone within our government. However on the bright side, she continues to push her radical ideas and further alienate the common man from the Democrat Party. That’s always a good thing for those of us who are on the side of reason and love this country. We will be waiting for them with open arms.

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