Cory Booker (Spartacus) Is Also Running In 2020

Cory Booker, also known as “spartacus.” The senator who is notorious for inserting his own foot in his mouth, has announced that he is now also running for President in 2020. Let’s take a look at this ridiculously cringey campaign video shall we.

Now we researched as hard as we possibly could and could not find a set 2020 platform for spartacus. The only thing we can infer is that he’s spewing NPC talking points (like all Democrats these days). Saying that, “people have been forgotten, we can do this, private equity is bad and orange man bad.”

What we can do is make some educated guesses based on what he’s voted on and stood for in the past. There are a ton of votes so we will link the source at the end of the article.

However will post a few votes worth noting. Let’s take a look. (In no particular order).

October 5th 2018 – Voted Nay On – PN 2259 – Nomination of Brett M. Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States – This one really shouldn’t surprise anyone.

July 18th 2018 – Voted Nay On – PN 1645 – Nomination of Andrew S. Oldham to be United States Circuit Judge for the 5th Circuit – Booker has a track record of opposing Trump nominees.

March 23rd 2018 – Voted Nay On – HR 1625 – Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018 – This bill not only provided funding for the armed services, but it also provided money for customs technology, border security and the mental health system in the US.

March 20th 2018 – Voted Nay On – S J Res 54 – To Direct the Removal of United States Armed Forces from Hostilities in the Republic of Yemen that have not been Authorized by Congress – Booker voted against withdrawing troops from Yemen.

March 14th 2018 – Voted Nay On – S 2155 – Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act – This bill was to cut unnecessary government red-tape and allow for banks to lend to more qualified peoples with further coverage from the fed to spur economic development.

Feb 15th 2018 – Voted Nay On – S Amdt 1948 – Stop Dangerous Sanctuary Cities Act (Toomey Amendment) – Booker voted against cutting off aid to dangerous sanctuary cities and of course instead argued for their existence.

He also on the same day then voted to give citizenship to any illegal immigrants who came here that were younger than 18 years old. S Amdt 1955 – Uniting and Securing America Act (Coons-McCain Amendment)

Then again in the same day voted for a bill that would have not only gave illegals citizenship who came here under the age of 18. But would have allowed any illegal who were “sponsoring” their parents to allow their parents to come here too. S Amdt 1958 – Immigration Security and Opportunity Act (Schumer Amendment)

December 20th 2018 – Voted Nay On – HR 1 – Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – President Trump’s tax reform that not only ensured that the American middle class got a tax break. But also repealed the Obama tax penalty and much more.

Booker also has also literally leaked congressional papers and admitted that he broke the rules because he thought they were “unfair.”

Other than his god awful voting track record. Booker is also known for making really dumb statements and tweets. Here’s one as an example:

I urge you guys to take a look through Booker’s voting record (which is public knowledge) and make your own judgement. But from what we have gathered and sifted through. Booker is yet another power hungry democrat who promises things to democrat voters (as long as they vote blue) and then votes against their best interest while in office. He talks a big game but his actions show otherwise. This guy is nothing more than a power hungry liberal who can’t stop inserting his own foot into his mouth.

It is almost 100 percent guaranteed that this guy will make little to no impact on the 2020 election cycle. But destroying him was just too funny to pass up. #KAG #KAG2020

Voting record source:

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