FBI Arrests Roger Stone

The Mueller witch hunt continues as former political adviser to multiple Presidents (including President Trump) and Infowars correspondent Roger Stone is arrested. This arrest like the rest means absolutely nothing in the means of “Russian collusion.” However it does send a clear message that this FBI investigation.. is a political investigation.

CNN the notorious left wing fake news network. Was the first on the scene when the FBI fanned out with guns on Roger Stone’s lawn, and then proceeded to wake him up and arrest him. This is an absolute witch hunt. In the two years that this investigation has been on-going (wasting an untold amount of tax dollars) you would think they would have found something by now.

The truth is there is no Russian collusion. This was of course to send a message that the left controls the FBI. Roger Stone gave a press conference this morning. This is what he had to say.

Clearly.. CNN has been tipped off prior to Stone’s arrest. Considering they were the first one’s there before the FBI even knocked on the door. This leftist witchhunt has to stop and just remember. An indictment is not a conviction.

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