Ocasio-Cortez, Omar & Tlaib Fortunately Prevented From Serving On Powerful House Budget Committee But.. Maxine Waters Might

Cortez looks like an aztec demon creature

Last week despite the advocacy from far left groups like “justice democrats.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar were denied seats on the house of representatives most powerful committee it’s financial services committee. Thank God.

On the bright side this keeps these freshman far left radicals from having a voice on the financial services committee which oversees spending bills and taxation expansion bills. Not that any democrat should oversee any type of government spending what so ever. The house also voted in favor of a pay-go system which won’t allow the house to spend amounts increasing the federal deficit. Surprisingly this is a good thing despite the dems being in charge.

Ol socialist Cortez took to twitter to rant and say that the “pay-go” system was a “dark political maneuver put in place to prevent the progress on healthcare and climate change.” No surprise there.

Even the current trump hating democrats can see that these radicals are too radical (if there ever was such a thing) and did the right thing by making moves to prevent them from somehow having a voice to expand the government or try and pass bills that would radically alter any existing laws etc. But what will happen when and if the day comes that these radicals rule the democratic party more so than they do now?

Despite the small shred of good news we also have some extremely bad news to share. The word on the street is that anti-Trump zealot and notorious alzheimer’s patient Maxine Waters might be in charge of the financial services committee (oh joy). This is the same idiot who called to “impeach 45” and literally said that “Russia is invading Korea and Trump is dropping bombs in Aleppo.” How this absolute dumbass got into office and has continued to stay in office I will never know for the life of me.

Maxine looks like a melting hershy bar
Ginsburg looks like a shark

This lunatic seems like she can barely dress herself let alone appropriate government funds. Hopefully no real damage can be done. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that she wins the death lottery soon. Her and Ruth Ginsburg.

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