Pocahontas (Elizabeth Warren)’s New Year’s Beer Cringefest

Elizabeth Warren aka Pocahontas decided to embarrass herself and the rest of the internet when she did a live stream on new year’s eve.

Apparently her grand daughter had to help her set up here said live stream (because not everyone knows how to use technology these days.)

Pocahontas starts by grabbing a beer (something all everyday joes can relate to right?) She then introduces her husband (who clearly doesn’t want to be involved) to her whopping 14 live stream viewers. She then proceeds to take a big ol swig of that beer and tell everyone that her mother used to refer to her as, “the surprise.” I think we all know that’s jibbery joo for “accident.”

She then awkwardly gazes into the camera and tells everyone that she didn’t think she’d ever run for politics and says, “happy 2019, here’s to changing the world.” Well changing the world indeed Pocahontas. Changing it to a safer, economically thriving, happy place to live. Without Liberals.

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Link to the cringe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjDEPtS68CM

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