President Trump Never Has And Never Did Work For Russia

The latest in the fake news cycle is that President Trump is yet again being accused of being a Russian agent. The left and their media partners will cling onto anything and go with it without any evidence just because they absolutely hate Trump.

This should come to no surprise that the Mueller probe didn’t find any wrong doing on behalf of the Trump administration or the President himself. The President fired James Comey from the FBI because it was proven that Comey had made a conclusion on the Clinton email investigation before the investigation had even been launched!

Comey and multiple bad agents within the FBI have been terminated which is a good thing! When the FBI is no longer an organization that the American people can rely on to be blind and just like lady justice herself. Then our justice system is totally broken.

The President prior to becoming the President was obviously a multi-billionaire business man. He had dealings with people and businesses all over the world. I’m sure at some point he had business dealings with someone or some company in Russia. But that has absolutely nothing to do with his position now. The fake news media and the left are the most corrupt people on the planet. They need to grow up and do their jobs and help us fix this country.

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1 thought on “President Trump Never Has And Never Did Work For Russia

  1. Muller has been taking people down because of their ties to Russia, it’s a matter of time for Trump’s turn. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

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