Shocking Video Shows State Of European Migration Crisis

We discovered this video today posted by Informed American Citizen that just really puts in perspective how bad the migration crisis in Europe really is. Watch it here:

A lot of the footage is from 2017 but just take into account that the numbers of migrants, the rapes and crime rates are all significantly higher now. Sweden is the rape capitol of the world for God’s sake.

The natural born European citizen of white European ancestry is now becoming the minority in their own homeland. There’s a literal invasion of muslims into Europe right now and the EU does nothing to stop the brutalizing and humiliation of their own people.

This is why we need a wall. This is why we need to secure our border and vet any and all immigrants into our country. We do not want to become Europe. These people are coming from third world countries that home barbaric societies. They do not know what it’s like to be civilized. We have to keep our people safe. Pray for Europe.

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