Socialism Rising As Democrats Push For Massive Government Expansion

The growing socialist wing of the Democratic Party will flex its muscle Thursday with the seating of the new Congress, as more self-described Democratic Socialists join the ranks and dozens of sitting and incoming members – including likely 2020 hopefuls – embrace a massive government expansion that would make FDR look like a cheapskate.

The party agenda is increasingly embracing big-government policies like “Medicare-for-all” and guaranteed jobs programs — as well as an aggressive “Green New Deal” that would include all this and more as part of a fundamental overhaul to America’s economy and specifically its energy sector.

It’s unclear when and if any of them will make it to the floor (god let’s hope not), let alone pass the House. But their growing support marks an astonishing rise for socialist-leaning policies in just a few years, and reflects a shift in the party itself. A stunning Gallup poll last summer showed Democrats view socialism more positively than capitalism. The term “Democratic Socialist” was only broadly popularized with the 2016 presidential run of Bernie Sanders, who identifies as one. The enthusiasm behind his bid underscored how ideas that once marinated on the party’s fringe were increasingly becoming mainstream.

Let us not forget that a “Democratic Socialist” is still a socialist. Socialism is basically communism in a gift box. And communism has killed more people and destroyed more lives than any other man-made system ever. Democrats are becoming more and more radical thus alienating any moderate base they have left (which is a good thing for us). It is however not surprising that democrats are pushing for massive government spending but won’t fork over a dime for the border wall that would pay for itself in a short amount of time and secure our country. The hypocrisy is real.

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3 thoughts on “Socialism Rising As Democrats Push For Massive Government Expansion

    1. The deficit is now higher than under Obama, but I guess nobody here has libertarian values. You are all Rino hacks.

      1. No apparently you’re a hack. The deficit may be higher but our GDP has increased exponentially and the value of the dollar has increased. You’re a rino.

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