The Media Lies About Native American Being Harassed – Twitter Bans Teen For Defending Himself

If you have been online or watched any mainstream media in the last couple days. I’m sure you’ve seen/heard the story about a bunch of white kids wearing maga hats harassing and taunting a harmless native american elder defending some black men talking about the bible at the capitol. Here’s what the media won’t tell you, because it doesn’t suit their narrative.

These kids from Covington Catholic Highschool in Kentucky were attending a prolife rally at our nation’s capitol. The same day an ingenious people’s rally was also taking place. After the prolife rally was over the kids were doing some site seeing while they were waiting for their school-buses to arrive to take them back to Kentucky. The kids first noticed some black protesters by one of the monuments but did not engage them. As a matter of fact these black protesters were the “black Israelites.” A cult-like hate group that is mostly active in New York City. These thugs called these kids, “crackers, faggots, racists, and pecker woods.” To name a few things. The native american elder and his entourage were there supporting the black Israelite’s protest after the indigenous people’s rally.

After being berated by these racists. The kids were then confronted by the native american man who has been identified as Nathan Phillips. A Vietnam vet and actor. Phillips had made his way all the way through the crowd and confronted these kids while banging his drum. The main kid who has been harassed by the media as the “racist maga hat wearing white kid” is Nicholas Sandmann. A sophomore at Covington Catholic Highschool. All Sandmann did was stand there with an awkward smile on his face, clearly uncomfortable. I mean how would you react if this old guy was in your face banging his drum? He did not engage the man nor did he “harass” or smirk at him. As a matter of fact when a member of Phillip’s entourage yelled at one of his classmates to, “go back to Europe where you came from. This is not your land!” Sandmann actually told the student to not react to the man’s provocation.

After the incident there was a media firestorm saying that these arrogant white kids were harassing the native americans who were minding their own business after their rally. That Sandmann is what’s wrong with America. That his parents are to blame for his actions. But the fact is the opposite actually happened. A hate group berated these kids with racial slurs and they were harassed by both the black Israelites and their native american supporters. Then when the kids chose not to react to their provocations, they were demonized.

Nicholas Sandmann and his classmates did not hurl insults at their harassers. No one was chanting “build the wall.” It’s all a fabricated media narrative driven lie. Nathan Phillips actually went on CNN and lied about the entire interaction.

Here’s the video footage of what actually happened contradicting everything Phillip’s had to say.

You would think by now that the mainstream media shouldn’t blatantly lie and escalate the situation to ridiculous levels of insanity over nothing. Thus further dividing us as a country in every conceivable way. But the reality is that they have an agenda to push and by fabricating these stories they can further that agenda and make plenty of money in the process. They are sick and immoral.

This kid and his family are now receiving credible death threats and had their address posted online (doxxed). A fake account popped up posing as Sandmann’s mother saying inflammatory things to further try and fabricate the story. Actual adults and members of the mainstream media and celebrity community have called for violence against this minor and his family. Anyone who has called for violence for being too ignorant to know that this is all a lie should be ashamed of themselves. The Sandmann family should sue them all.

The cherry on top of this entire disgusting situation is that Nicholas Sandmann took to twitter to respond to the threats he and his family were receiving and to set the record straight and give a factual account of the entire situation. He was then banned by Twitter. Twitter of course still lets people like Kathy Griffith still have an account. Even though she literally called for doxxing against the Sandmann family. Just another B list actor trying to cling to fame by any means necessary. It’s sad really.

Twitter of course is known for being a hotbed for extreme leftist ideological cultivation. They also bend the knee and ban people for simply exercising their first amendment rights on a daily basis. They should be ashamed. As for the Sandmann family. Please consider donating to a gofundme campaign that has been set up for them. Until then we will continue to set the record straight in their defense. #standwithcovington #bankathygriffin #maga

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