Where Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

The burning question that has been on every Conservative’s mind since December has been where in the hell is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg hasn’t been seen since December 21st when she had surgery to remove cancerous tumors from her lungs. She had previously fallen (something serious when you’re elderly) and broke several ribs. After breaking her ribs she then had scans that revealed the tumors. Some reports had even suggested that the cancer had already metastasized and spread to the rest of her body.

Since the surgery the judicial body returned to work on January 7th and RBG has not been seen since. Mainstream media news outlets and spokesmen for RBG have repeated that she is indeed alive and recovering. Even though she has not been seen or heard from. She was supposed to give several speeches and return to work on the 7th.

Hilariously enough the plot thickens. Fox News whether it was a mistake or not, posted this about a week ago.

Our speculation (and this is just our opinion), is that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is most likely dead or kept in a state (whether vegetative) or otherwise is unfit to serve. If you think about it, even if she was just recovering you’d think one of those spokespeople would snap a quick picture of her at her bedside to lay the “rumors” to rest. But that hasn’t happened.

What seems likely is that the left has decided they cannot afford another Trump nominated Supreme court justice and have furthered the guise that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, “liberal champion” is alive and well. But in reality most likely she’s dead and probably has been dead for quite some time now.

With the absolute manic state the left is in. This kind of insanity wouldn’t surprise me or most Conservatives these days. If she is dead let’s get on with another Trump appointed Supreme court justice so we can continue to bring law and order back to our country.

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2 thoughts on “Where Is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

    1. I’ve heard she is a he and was at GITMO after her Prostrate surgery ( which explains the HE part )
      Like McCain they get cancer and go for ops and disappear. MCCain I heard was charged with Treson. As was Bush Sr which explains the flag on his coffin been upside down.

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